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Has the IRS garnished your wages or levied your bank account? We can help you. In most cases, we can get the IRS to promptly release your money so you can eat and pay your bills.


Owe the IRS more than you can afford pay? You may be eligible for an Offer in Compromise. The reality is, not everyone will qualify. We can help you present the best case possible and increase the chances of your offer being accepted.


Did you know you may be able to make regular monthly payments to the IRS based on your income? To make the most of this option you need to give the IRS your income and expenses. They want to decide what you can pay. Don't let them do that. We can help you get the best payment plan possible.


Are you a business owner that fell behind in your 941 payroll tax payments? This can be a real grinder of a problem. The IRS looks towards the business owner to be personally liable for the missing payments. Don't attempt to deal with the IRS on your own. This particular situation can go bad fast. We can help.


IRS claiming you owe more in tax than you do? Appeal their finding. Easier said than done, but its an option we can help you with by presenting the IRS with information why they are wrong. There are a number of tools we can use to your advantage. We just need to know were you are with the IRS.


Did your ex leave you holding the bag on your joint taxes? There may be a way out. The IRS allows an innocent spouse to be relieved of their share of the taxes. There are a few hurdles to overcome in getting this relief granted though. We can help you. It's not easy but its doable.


Have you been visited by an IRS Revenue Officer? It's nerve racking to have an IRS agent come to your home or place of business. Their intent it to see what you have and what they may be able to levy on to pay your tax bill. We can intervene on your behalf and get you some peace of mind.


Did the IRS find you as the responsible party for paying your businesses 941 taxes? If they did, they will be coming after you for payment. This requires dealing with your business and personal financial situations. We can help you take care of this and get the IRS to cool their jets.


Haven't filed your taxes in a few years? If you are required to file, then you need to do so to be in compliance. That's just the start though. You next need to deal with paying the taxes that are due. You may be able to qualify for an alternative. We can help you though this.

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About Us

Alexander Socia, Esq.

Staff Attorney

Mr. Socia is a tax attorney. He is a Florida transplant who now calls Watertown SD his home. He is admitted to practice in Florida, South Dakota, U.S. Tax Court and before the IRS.

Mr. Socia has been involved with resolving people’s IRS tax issues since 2006. He has helped many get free of their IRS burden including CPAs, tax preparers, bookkeepers, farmers, doctors, contractors, construction businesses, employment staffing companies, real estate investors, real estate agents and child care centers, just to name a few.

Other attorneys have consistently sought him out for his knowledge and experience on dealing with the IRS, resolving tax debt and how tax burdens will affect their clients' litigation outcomes. CPA firms have sent him tax problem cases they were not able to handle.

Mr. Socia has litigated a number of cases against the IRS. He has also defended tax protestors in tax court against the IRS.

One question he often asks people is, "If the IRS has lawyers on their side? Why don't you have one on yours?"

In his spare time, he practices martial arts and is involved with Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church and Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. You can find more information at his personal site, Black Belt Lawyer.

Ed Sinski

Intake specialist

Mr. Sinski has worked in the debt industry for over 30 years. He has consulted businesses in managing their accounts receivables and improving their cash flow issues.

We don't have a picture from Mr. Sinski yet to put up. But this memorial in Pierre SD outside the Capitol, will work just fine until he gives us one.



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